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Acrylic Standee


The eye-catching acrylic stand in Luma design is a real eyecatcher and a must for every Luma fan. With its bright orange colours, the stand immediately enhances any display case or desk. With your stand you have not only gained a real eye-catcher in your room, but also a loyal heroine who will always be at your side when drawing your latest works.

Unique gift idea
You know a luma lover and you do not know what to give? Then this stand is the ideal gift! 

Luma Acryl-Standee mit farbigem Motivdruck in der Höhe von 15 cm und einer Breite von 11 cm. Es schmückt jede Vitrine, Schreibtisch, Regal oder Sideboards.

Luma Acrylic Standee: 

The one-sided printed Luma acrylic stand, with a height of 15 cm and a width of 11 cm, is a beautiful stand. It is a great piece of jewelry for any glass display case or for your desk.
Your character gets steadfastness by her foot, which shines with a diameter of 8 cm in the beautiful and traditional Japanese Asanoha - pattern. Through the durable acrylic material you will have eternal joy with your Luma stand.

The Luma Standee is also a wonderful gift for friends and relatives.

Luma Acryl-Standee schmückt jedes Sideboard.

Luma Acrylic Standee

  • Material: acrylic 

  • Print: One-sided

  • Printability: Offset printing

  • height: 15 cm

  • width: 11 cm

  • thickness: 3 mm

  • Foot: Ø 8 cm 

  • Contents: 1 pcs/pc.


RRP: € 12.00

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