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The Artist's Best Choice

Luma has developed four premium papers for all creative people who demand the highest standards in quality!
For beginning and professional artists, designers and illustrators.

Luma is the perfect paper for individual painting and drawing techniques.
The paper range that every creative person must have! 
Available in loose single sheets, packed in attractive reclosable design boxes.

MixBox - Ayumi
MixBox - Tatsuro
MixBox - Kumiko
MixBox - Luma
Luma Marker Papier

I was developed exclusively for all creative people and artists, especially those who like to work with marker pens. The use of markers places very high demands on me.


Therefore, I am thicker and more stable than conventional marker papers and am actually a 180 g/m² drawing board. My especially smooth and soft paper texture, as well as my absorbent and color permeable surface are perfect for painting and writing with fineliners, marker pens with oblique brush tips, fluorescent highlighters with wedge tips, dry markers and more. Multiple-layer paint applications with markers, watercolor paints or drawing ink also let the colors shine. I am suitable for many painting and drawing techniques and offer fine, precise results. With my help, you can easily achieve your creative ideas.

To keep every sheet clean and protected, a distinctive and reclosable design box was created for me. A great collector’s item that every creative person should have!

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Marker paper

Luma Aquarell Papier

I am the “queen of all watercolor papers.” Watercolor, airbrush and gouache artists
and connoisseurs of manga will love me! I am the perfect foundation for all kinds of watercolor subjects and techniques, because I am both absorbent and moisture resistant. You can use all kinds of watercolor techniques (such as glazing, washing and granulation) and my surface texture will remain intact and my paper fibers will not come loose. My rough felt-marked surface resembles cold pressed watercolor board (300 g/m²). The advantage is that the paper is very robust and absorbent, is resistant to curling and the colors do not dry out too quickly.  

I am also nicely packed in an attractive, reclosable design box, which protects against dirt, wetness and humidity, because the design box has a high-quality, silk matte protective coating. My high-quality gloss finish gives colors a special brilliance.

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Watercolor paper

Luma Mixed Media Papier

I am the “jack-of-all-trades” among high-quality artist papers and can also be used on both sides. I love adventure and variety. I offer the perfect foundation for painting, designing and combining works of art in several layers and for combining different materials.

The surface of my front side has a unique grainy structure and is robust enough (300 g/m²), for applications of different materials in several layers. I offer a good foundation for various dry and wet techniques, such as watercolor and acrylic paint, airbrush, pastel, gouache, charcoal, acrylic marker, marker or graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, etc. You can beautifully combine these techniques with various types of paper, fabrics, threads and ribbons.

My reverse side is a bit smoother and you can work with it to your heart’s content. I am a mixed media drawing board, which can easily satisfy the most demanding of manga artists. I come in an attractive reclosable design box that you can use for many years. 

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Mixed Media Paper

Luma Skizzen Papier
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Sketch paper

I am a premium drawing paper that supports your initial sketching ideas and am also excellent for shading. I am stronger and more robust (90 g/m²) than many other sketch papers. My slightly grainy surface texture helps creative people draw beautifully and comfortably with charcoal, graphite pencils and colored pencils. My hard surface makes it possible to use especially hard pencils to create precise lines. Unwanted pencil lines can be easily and completely erased, without leaving any color residue. You can also color me with outliners, Copic markers and other types of markers.

Whatever your preference - manga, fashion, architectural drawings or portraits, landscapes, floral motifs and much more, your pencils and markers will glide smoothly over my hard surface. I can even handle applications of multiple layers of color and the colors will still look radiant.

My design box is awesome! Dirt, moisture and humidity can’t harm me, because the design box has a high-quality, silk matte protective coating. If you buy it, you will enjoy it for a long time

Luma Mixpack

In my box, you will find all four types of fine-art quality paper:

Luma Sketch Paper, Luma Marker Paper, Luma Watercolor Paper and Luma Mixed Media Paper. With this versatile carefree paper assortment, you will be well equipped. You can sketch and draw your initial ideas, then color them with markers and watercolors. And if you are especially interested in experimenting, you can combine them with other pigments and materials.

We are only available as single sheets and in an optional decorative, reclosable design box. The paper is perfectly protected and can easily be removed one sheet at a time. Our design box is also the ideal storage place for your finished works or works in progress.

Luma stands for quality, inspiration, reliability and fun!

A perfect combination of the finest drawing papers that every creative person should have... must have! :-)

Luma Logo
MixBox - Tatsuro
MixBox - Ayumi
MixBox - Kumiko
MixBox - Luma

mixed pack

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