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Hello, my name is Luma!

I was developed exclusively for all creative people and artists, especially those who like to work with marker pens. The use of markers places very high demands on me. Therefore, I’m an extremely durable and reliable 180 g/m² marker drawing board, which ensures fine and precise results. With my help, you can easily express your creative ideas.

The especially smooth and soft texture of my paper as well as my absorbent and color-permeable surface are ideal for simple, delicate strokes with fineliners, pencils or colored pencils or multi-layer applications of color with markers, watercolors or drawing ink. I can be used on both sides because the surface and color of both sides are identical.

To keep every sheet clean and protected, a distinctive and reclosable design box was created for me. A great collector’s item that every creative person should have!


RRP: € 11.50

_________ Available here _________

Luma Marker Paper

Luma Refill Deckblatt

Product description

  • Paper type: marker paper, acid-free, resistant to aging

  • Weight: 180 g/m²

  • Color: bright white

  • Surface: especially smooth surface

  • Available in three formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 40 single sheets 
    Variant 2: DIN A5, 2 x 40 single sheets 
    Variant 3: DIN A3, 20 single sheets

  • Also suitable for design box refills

  • Cover page: contains product information


Luma Marker Paper

_________ Available here _________

RRP: € 13.50

Luma “Marker” Design Box


optimaler Schutz

Luma design box markers 

Design box product description

  • Design box: reclosable design box with insert flap for multiple-use of drafts and drawing paper, plus small indentations on the reverse side for additional stability when sliding individual sheets in/out

  • Design box material: High-quality, sturdy packaging made of 380 g/m² Invercote Creato with silk matte protective coating

  • Includes: 180 g/m² bright white, acid-free marker paper, especially smooth surface, resistant to aging

  • Available in three formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 40 single sheets 
    Variant 2: DIN A5, 2 x 40 single sheets 
    Variant 3: DIN A3, 20 single sheets 


Luma "Mixpack" Design box


optimaler Schutz

We are the fine art papers that inspire every creative heart. To protect all individual sheets from dirt, moisture and humidity, we are packed in a decorative and resealable design box, which is coated with a high-quality, silk matte protective coating. This gives colors a special brilliance. Our design box is also the ideal place to store finished works or works in progress. 

In my box, you will find all of us together again: Luma Marker Paper, Luma Watercolor Paper, Luma Mixed Media Paper and Luma Sketch Paper, available in DIN A4 format. Sheet by sheet, easy to remove and perfectly protected. We are also available as a “Refill” for filling the design box with new paper at any time.

Discover our extraordinary qualities and find out for yourself which drawing paper is best for your technique. Ultimately, it’s not only the quality of the paper that determines your success, but also your individual preferences.

The design was created exclusively for Luma by a successful graphic designer. A collector’s item or special gift that you can choose from in four additional great designs.

Luma Mixpack Design box


RRP: € 13.50

_________ Available here _________


Drawing board or drawing paper?

Luma 180 g/m² Marker Paper is thicker and more stable than conventional marker papers. It is a durable, acid-free high-quality drawing board that is resistant to aging. All colors stand out, even when applying multiple layers of color.

You can use this marker paper for manga drawings, card making, scrapbooking, stamps, and for brush lettering with dry and wet techniques.

​By the way... this marker paper can also be used as printer paper for laser printers. You can easily and quickly print out your digitally created sketches and painting templates for further use with marker pens.


The versatility of marker pens

Try experimenting with markers. You can combine different marker pens, depending on the subject of your painting. Simply try out different marker pens and find out for yourself which markers you prefer to use. For example, there are brush pencils, water-based fineliners, erasable marker pencils with oblique brush tips, fluorescent highlighters with wedge tips, dry markers, permanent and non-permanent markers. There are also alcohol-based and water-based markers for making excellent drawings and lettering.

Most marker artists like to combine several types of marker tips (such as, round tips, wedge tips and brush tips) and like to use refills. They use a combination of colored pencils, gel pencils or other materials in their drawings. These materials are excellent for gradients and blending techniques.


Coloring with markers

You can use a marker tip to draw both thin and thick lines. Markers with a brush tip (brush markers) offer many possibilities for coloring. Brush tips also make the painting of gradients much easier. Reducing the pressure on the tip as it touches the paper allows the ink to flow gently onto the surface of paper. Brush tips are also very popular for brush lettering because of how the lines can be easily varied.

As you know, there is a limited choice of colors available in marker pencils. But there is a trick! By “mixing” the different colors (painting on a surface with several different colors), you can easily create more colors. It’s best to start with the lightest color first and then to paint over it with increasingly darker colors. To avoid unattractive lines like those produced by felt pens, we recommend that you use the wet-on-wet technique when painting.

Luma3-Kolorieren-mit Marker2_vlcsnap-201

Not all marker papers are alike!

Have you also noticed a problem when you paint with markers, that normal drawing paper literally absorbs the paint and allows it to spread uncontrollably? Are you also annoyed about the unnecessary waste of colors, because they don’t flow onto the surface of paper, but soak through the paper and ruin the background of the painting or the paper underneath?

​Good marker papers are extremely bleedproof, which is very important. This ensures that the color of the marker remains on the surface of the paper for a long time and prevents the color from bleeding, even when applying many layers of color. We are aware of this problem and have developed a marker paper that meets your needs and supports your individual creativity.

Not all marker papers are alike. Every marker paper reacts differently to painting and drawing techniques, depending on the paper grammage, the paper structure, the manufacturing process, personal experience and individual preferences. Each painting and drawing technique has its own requirements and challenges. You can achieve impressive artistic results, depending on which marker pens and techniques you use. 

Graphic artists, illustrators, designers, manga artists, comic and fantasy artists, architects, amateur artists and many more will enjoy Luma Marker Paper.

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Luma Marker

Luma Marker

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