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Watercolor Paper

I am the “queen of all watercolor papers.” Watercolor, airbrush and gouache artists and connoisseurs of manga will love me! I am the perfect foundation for all kinds of watercolor subjects and techniques, because I am both absorbent and moisture resistant. You can use all kinds of watercolor techniques (such as glazing, washing and granulation) and my surface texture will remain intact and my paper fibers will not come loose.


My rough felt-marked surface resembles cold pressed watercolor board (300 g/m²). The advantage is that the paper is very robust and absorbent, is resistant to curling and the colors do not dry out too quickly. Even mistakes in individual sections can be repaired and the colors can be easily applied again.

It enhances the color effect, especially in wet-on-wet techniques (washes), and in dry techniques (granulation), it increases the formation of white highlights due to the graininess of the surface of the paper. It is also nice to see how glazes are evenly distributed and that the colors flow exactly as professionals would expect from a perfect watercolor paper.

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Luma Watercolor Paper


RRP: € 15.50

_________ Available here _________

Luma Aquarell Papier, 300 g/m², DIN A4, A3, säurefrei, naturweiß, raue und filzmarkiere Oberfläche

Luma Watercolor Paper 

Product description:

  • Paper type: watercolor paper, 100% cellulose

  • Weight: 300 g/m²

  • Color: Natural white

  • Surface: rough, felt-marked surface

  • Available in three formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 25 single sheets 
    Variant 2: DIN A5, 2 x 25 single sheets 
    Variant 3: DIN A3, 12 single sheets

  • Also suitable for design box refills

  • Cover page: contains product information


"Watercolor" Design box

Luma "Watercolor" Design box


optimaler Schutz

Design box product description:

  • Design box: reclosable design box with insert flap for multiple-use of drafts and drawing paper, plus small indentations on the reverse side for additional stability when sliding individual sheets in/out

  • Design box material: High-quality, sturdy packaging made of 380 g/m² Invercote Creato with silk matte protective coating

  • Includes: 300 g/m² natural white watercolor paper, 100% cellulose, rough, felt-marked surface, resistant to aging

  • Available in three formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 25 single sheets
    Variant 2: DIN A5, 2 x 25 single sheets  
    Variant 3: DIN A3, 12 single sheets 

RRP: € 17.50

_________ Available here _________



Luma "Mixpack" Design box


optimaler Schutz

We are the fine art papers that inspire every creative heart. To protect all individual sheets from dirt, moisture and humidity, we are packed in a decorative and resealable design box, which is coated with a high-quality, silk matte protective coating. This gives colors a special brilliance. Our design box is also the ideal place to store finished works or works in progress. 

In my box, you will find all of us together again: Luma Marker Paper, Luma Watercolor Paper, Luma Mixed Media Paper and Luma Sketch Paper, available in DIN A4 format. Sheet by sheet, easy to remove and perfectly protected. We are also available as a “Refill” for filling the design box with new paper at any time.

Discover our extraordinary qualities and find out for yourself which drawing paper is best for your technique. Ultimately, it’s not only the quality of the paper that determines your success, but also your individual preferences.

The design was created exclusively for Luma by a successful graphic designer. A collector’s item or special gift that you can choose from in four additional great designs.

Luma Mixpack Design box


RRP: € 13.50

_________ Available here _________

The art of glazing

You can use this painting technique with watercolors or tempera. Glazing is the application of dissolved colors in layers. As a solvent, you can use water or other water-insoluble painting agents - the less solvent you use, the more opaque, the more solvent you use, the more transparent. Each applied layer must always first dry thoroughly before another layer is applied.

Unless you deliberately want to apply two or more layers of paint on top of each other. The effects created in this way lend a special depth to colors and shapes. Try it yourself and create your own glazes. It’s easy and it’s a lot of fun!


Use washes to create flowing transitions

Washing is a wet-on-wet technique. Paints, such as watercolor or acrylic, are diluted with water to create seamless color gradients. With this technique, you can create very nice backgrounds such as sky, water, landscapes and more.

Our Luma Watercolor Paper has a rough surface and has a great texture for sketching with pencil and then painting with various watercolor techniques. It offers the perfect foundation for all types of watercolor subjects - in both dry technique or wet-on-wet technique. The colors run evenly, exactly as professionals would expect from watercolor paper. Unwanted pencil lines can also be erased easily without leaving any residue.

Great effects with granulation

You can create interesting effects if you brush rough paper with a relatively dry brush (with a lot of paint, but not much water) without applying much pressure.

This way, the paint is only applied to the raised areas of the paper, while the low valleys remain white and you get white highlighted textures. This technique is excellent for creating the reflection of light on water (oceans and lakes) and for breathing more life into the picture.

Another way of granulating is to directly apply granulating colors that have coarser pigments. These color pigments are not absorbed uniformly into the paper, but instead, some of the pigments remain on the paper, like on a filter. This produces a grainy effect.

What is the advantage of acid-free and felt marked paper?

acid-free: It guarantees you that our papers are highly durable and are also lightfast and resistant to aging. It offers you the enormous advantage of being able to enjoy your artwork for a long time without running the risk of the paper yellowing and becoming brittle.

felt marked: It means that, depending on the weave of the felt cloth used, various fine structures and textures are created which leave imprinted traces on the paper. This gives the impression of a rough surface. The surface thus resembles a cold pressed watercolor paper. This feature is an advantage when painting with watercolors, since it can be used intentionally to achieve various interesting effects

Not all watercolor papers are alike. Watercolor papers come in different qualities and price ranges, from handmade paper to rag paper, high-quality cellulose paper and felt marked cellulose paper. The bonding of the paper must be done in such a way that the paper surface structure is not affected when moistened with paint, the sheet does not curl and the paint is absorbed evenly. The secret is to work with the surface texture of the watercolor paper:


Product features


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Luma Aquarell

Luma Aquarell

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