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In April 2020 we successfully launched a special permanent promotion #MadeOnLuma on Instagram. Everybody who has a picture on a Luma Shikishi paper or another Luma drawing paper, is a follower of Instagram ( and marks his contribution with #MadeOnLuma.

We will then repost your contribution in our story.


All marked pictures of a month will take part in a "#MadeOnLuma Picture of the Month" competition. The winner will receive A4 Refiller of the same Luma paper on which the winning picture was taken. Is the picture of the winner on a Shikishi, then as a thank you
a pack of Shikishi Medium.

MoL 2022-03_A.jpg
MoL 2022-03_B.jpeg

Our winner: March 2022


We congratulate our winner!

Won: @swannisart

This time swannisart won.

The picture was made on Luma Marker Paper.

MoL 2022-03_B.jpeg
MoL 2022-03_A.jpg

Would you like to take part too?

It's that easy...!

Terms and conditions of participation

▪️ you are followers of @luma_artpaper
▪️ the picture was created by yourself and the idea for the picture is your own and not a plagiarism (#DTIYS and #fanart is allowed)
▪️ the picture was created with traditional tools such as ink, watercolor, pencil, colored pencils, markers, etc.

▪️ Luma paper or shikishi was used as the painting support.
▪️ if he/she is under 14 years of age, he/she has the necessary consent of a parent or guardian to participate
▪️ morally reprehensible or offensive representations are excluded from participation
▪️ each image can only participate once in this competition
▪️ the picture may at the same time also participate in another current competition of ours, e.g. in our #DTIYS competitions
▪️ the participant allows us to publish the picture on our website including (artist) name
▪️ recourse to the courts is not permitted

We wish you much success and look forward to your contributions!

Hall of Fame

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