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Mixed Media Paper

I am the “jack-of-all-trades” among high-quality artist papers and can also be used on both sides. I love adventure and variety. I offer the perfect foundation for painting, designing and combining works of art in several layers and for combining different materials.

The surface of my front side has a unique grainy structure and is robust enough (300 g/m²), for applications of different materials in several layers. I offer a good foundation for various dry and wet techniques, such as watercolor and acrylic paint, airbrush, pastel, gouache, charcoal, acrylic marker, marker or graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, etc. You can beautifully combine these techniques with various types of paper, fabrics, threads and ribbons.

My reverse side is a bit smoother and you can work with it to your heart’s content. I am a mixed media drawing board, which can easily satisfy the most demanding of manga artists. I come in an attractive reclosable design box that you can use for many years. 

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Luma Mixed Media Paper

 RRP: € 12.50

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Mixed Media Papier, naturweiß, 300 g/m², körnige Struktur auf der Vorderseite, glattere Rückseite, säurefrei, alterungsbeständig, DIN A3 und DIN A4

Luma Mixed Media Paper

Product description:

  • Paper type: Mixed Media paper, felt-marked surface, resistant to aging

  • Weight: 300 g/m²

  • Color: Natural white

  • Surface: Grainy texture on the front side of the paper,
    smoother texture on the back side of the paper

  • Available in three formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 25 single sheets  
    Variant 2: DIN A5, 2 x 25 single sheets
    Variant 3: DIN A3, 12 single sheets

  • Also suitable for design box refills

  • Cover page: contains product information


Luma "Mixed Media" Design box


optimaler Schutz

"Mixed Media" Design box 

Design box product description:

  • Design box: reclosable design box with insert flap for multiple-use of drafts and drawing paper, plus small indentations on the reverse side for additional stability when sliding individual sheets in/out

  • Design box material: High-quality, sturdy packaging made of 380 g/m² Invercote Creato with silk matte protective coating

  • Includes: 300 g/m² natural white mixed media paper, felt-marked surface, resistant to aging

  • Available in three formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 25 single sheets 
    Variant 2: DIN A5, 2 x 25 single sheets 
    Variant 3: DIN A3, 12 single sheets 

RRP: € 14.95

________ Available here ________


Luma "Mixpack" Design box


optimaler Schutz

We are the fine art papers that inspire every creative heart. To protect all individual sheets from dirt, moisture and humidity, we are packed in a decorative and resealable design box, which is coated with a high-quality, silk matte protective coating. This gives colors a special brilliance. Our design box is also the ideal place to store finished works or works in progress. 

In my box, you will find all of us together again: Luma Marker Paper, Luma Watercolor Paper, Luma Mixed Media Paper and Luma Sketch Paper, available in DIN A4 format. Sheet by sheet, easy to remove and perfectly protected. We are also available as a “Refill” for filling the design box with new paper at any time.

Discover our extraordinary qualities and find out for yourself which drawing paper is best for your technique. Ultimately, it’s not only the quality of the paper that determines your success, but also your individual preferences.

The design was created exclusively for Luma by a successful graphic designer. A collector’s item or special gift that you can choose from in four additional great designs.

Luma Mixpack Design box


 RRP: € 13.50

________ Available here ________


What is Mixed Media?

Mixed media is the interplay of different painting media on a single background. This is called “mixed media” and it is an excellent painting and design technique for achieving spectacular effects in your works of art. With this technique, there are no limits to your imagination and creative freedom.

Due to its versatility, mixed media offers opportunities for extraordinary expression, which you achieve by mixing different materials, colors and drawing techniques. Experiment to your heart’s content and experience fascinating creative processes. You will achieve amazing and unexpected results!


What materials can you use?

Luma Mixed Media is the perfect foundation for painting, designing and combining works of art in several layers and with different materials that complement and enhance each other. The grainy surface on the front offers you a good foundation for various dry and wet techniques.

Luma Mixed Media is suitable for watercolor and acrylic paint, airbrush, pastel, gouache, charcoal, acrylic markers, markers, pencil and red chalk. You can combine it beautifully with other types of paper, fabric, threads and ribbons.

You can use dry and wet colors, stencils, punches and stamps for your mixed media artwork.


Papers for all creative people

Luma Mixed Media Paper has been developed for all creative people, whether beginners or professionals, and for all imaginable art styles. Graphic artists, illustrators, designers, manga artists, comic and fantasy artists, hobby artists, students in the creative and design-oriented fields have all come to know and love the versatility of paper!

You can consistently create beautiful images by airbrushing with water soluble inks such as gouache and watercolors. The colors flow extremely well and remain bright, allowing you to create beautiful textures and make pleasant discoveries. High contrast and excellent color intensity can be achieved with any technique of your choice. You can also use marker pens, such as Copic markers, to create rich colors with just a few layers of color without soaking the paper. 


Loose Mixed Media single sheets

Luma Mixed Media 300 g/m² paper is strong and durable. Because of its unique surfaces, both sides of the paper can be used for various painting and mixing techniques. The advantage of this drawing board is that the paper does not easily curl. It is also very robust and absorbent, yet the colors do not dry too quickly.

We deliberately do not use perforated or glued watercolor blocks, but instead offer single sheets in DIN A4 and DIN A3 format, protected and creatively packed in an attractive design box. Our paper products are tailored to your individual needs. Knowing that you are satisfied is our motivation and our daily inspiration.

All creative people have their preferences and their own personal repertoire of mixed media materials and color media, which they combine freely to create different effects. However, some media work better together than others. For example, ink, flowing acrylic colors and pastels harmonize very well with each other.


Product features


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Luma Mixed Media

Luma Mixed Media

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