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Luma Painting and Drawing Competition "Magical Halloween

Today, Luma launched their exclusive Luma colouring and drawing competition with the theme "Magical Halloweenl" on Instagram.

The deadline for entries is 24.10.2021 23:59 hrs.

1 week before Halloween, so that the winners can be celebrated on 31.10.

Witches, ghosts, wizards, vampires or zombies, whether creepy or rather magically beautiful. Everything is allowed on this theme as long as it was created with traditional drawing media. For example, depict your OCs in Halloween costume, show us magical characters or monster-like sceneries.

Whether ghoulishly beautiful, or beautifully scary, let's have a magical Halloween with your images.

Of course, you may also use Luma itself or the other Luma OCs if you wish. But this is not required for participation.

We look forward to your numerous contributions and are excited to see your great works of art!

By the way, there are great prizes to be won again!

All those who haven't entered yet, get your pens and brushes ready... :-)

And this is what you can win.

🏆1st place: exclusive Luma merch (1 Luma cotton bag, 1 Luma T-shirt, 1 Luma acrylic standee) and additionally a shopping voucher from worth €75 and from J-Store Online worth €30.

🏆 2nd place: exclusive Luma merch (1 Luma T-shirt, 1 Luma acrylic key ring) and additionally a shopping voucher from worth €50 and from J-Stuff an exclusive package of drawing utensils

🏆 3rd place: exclusive Luma merch (1 Luma cotton bag, 1 Luma fridge magnet) and additionally a shopping voucher from worth 30 €.

Here are the conditions of entry.

👻 Draw something on the competition theme "Magical Halloween".

👻 the picture was created by yourself and the idea for the picture is your own and not plagiarism (fanart is allowed)

👻 the picture was created with traditional tools such as ink, coloured pencils, markers, etc.

👻 he/she has the necessary consent of legal guardians to participate if he/she is under 14 years of age

👻 morally reprehensible or offensive depictions are excluded from participation

👻 the picture may also be entered in another current competition of ours at the same time, e.g. in #madeonluma

👻 The participant allows us to publish the picture on our website, including the (artist's) name.

👻 The legal process is excluded

👻 Publish your entry together with the hashtag #LumasMagicalHalloween2021 on Instagram and please also tag the picture with @luma_artpaper so that your works are guaranteed to be found

👻 If you only have a private account, you can also send us the post via Instagram direct message or email us at

👻 Deadline is 24.10.2021 23:59

👻 And finally, the most important thing: have fun and enjoy your time doing this! 😊

** The competition is open to participants within the EU, the general terms and conditions of the respective voucher issuers apply to the vouchers. **

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