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Made On Luma - Winner of the Month October

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

The #MadeOnLuma winning image features Kyoko an OC by @hidekos_artwork. How beautiful her eyes shine. ⁠

Thank you @hidekos_artwork for your great work. The painting was made on a Luma Shikishi.⁠


You also want to take part in our competition? Then go for it!

You can take part under the following conditions:

▪️ you are a follower of @luma_artpaper

▪️ The image was created by you and the idea for the image is your own and not plagiarised (#DTIYS and #Fanart is allowed).

▪️ the picture was created with traditional tools such as ink, coloured pencils, markers, etc.

▪️ he/she has the necessary consent of legal guardians to participate, if he/she is under 14 years of age

▪️ morally reprehensible or offensive depictions are excluded from participation.

▪️ each image can only be entered once in this competition

▪️ the image may also be entered in another current competition of ours at the same time e.g. in our #DTIYS competitions

▪️ The entrant allows us to publish the image on our website including the (artist's) name.

▪️ the legal process is excluded

We wish you good luck and look forward to your contributions!

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