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Acrylic Pendant


The small and cute acrylic pendants in luma design are a real eyecatcher. Whether as a pendant on your key or as a pretty accessory on your bag, the pendant attracts all eyes. So you always have your own little heroine with you. The faithful companion has all the demands that you have of a good pendant. Because it is small, stable, resistant and above all beautiful to look at.


Luma Acryl-Anhänger Beispielbild

Luma Acrylic Pendant

The Luma pendant is a chic and trendy accessory. Suitable for keys or as a fashionable accessory for your handbag. A great accessory, which may always accompany you in the future. This pendant is an absolute "must-have"! It is also a great gift idea!

The motive of the pendant is printed on both sides on acrylic and has a metal snap hook to attach it. The pendant has a height of 8 cm as well as a width of 6 cm and thus a super handy format. Due to the eye-catching orange colour print there is no lack of recognition value and it makes it easy to find your key or bag immediately. 

Luma Acryl-Anhänger Anwendungsbeispiel


RRP: € 7.00

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Luma Mixed Media Paper

Luma Acrylic Pendant

  • Material: acrylic 

  • Printing: Double-sided

  • Printability: Offset printing

  • height: 8 cm

  • width: 6 cm

  • thickness: 3 mm

  • Weight: 0.025 kg 

  • snap hook material: metal

  • Contents: 1 pcs/pc.

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