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Fridge magnets

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Finally, the long-awaited refrigerator magnets with the Chibi from Luma are available in the range. The colourful little Luma chibis are not only decorative on every fridge, but also incredibly practical. You could use them in many ways. They can be used to quickly and easily attach postcards, photos, appointment reminders or even shopping lists to your fridge or other magnetic surfaces.

Luma Kühlschrankmagnete mit Chibi-Motivdruck verschönert jeden Kühlschrank.

Luma Fridge magnets:

The Luma-Chibi is available in two versions: on the first magnet it will shine on you with its bright green eyes, on the other motif it will blink at you with one eye. No matter which fridge magnet you choose, it will be the right choice.

Luma Kühlschrankmagnet

Luma Fridge Magnets

  • Height: 75 mm

  • Width: 59 mm

  • Thickness: approx. 1 mm


RRP: € 4.00

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Luma fridge magnet 

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